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The Ferris Wheel

“Careful! They won’t be worth anything if you rip them!” Duane said, divvying up tickets between the four crazed kids flying high on cotton candy and an overdose of sensory input. He came away with little wisps of blue and pink stuck to his hands and sleeves. Duane’s wife, Catherine, began laughing. “Tiffany and I… Continue Reading →

The Interview

Harrison Boyle had his first interview in two months, and he was running late. He felt as though some invisible force was purposely attempting to thwart him at every turnβ€”prevent his arrival. That’s how bad the morning had been. He forgot to set his alarm, spilled coffee on his only pressed shirt, stepped in dog… Continue Reading →

The Vulture

Sam Burkes likely had one of the most fitting nicknames of anyone in history. Even without his mottled face, hooked beak of a nose, and hunched back draped with black, greasy locks of hair, the name “The Vulture” was apropos. Sam “The Vulture” Burkes shred his sustenance off of the bones of the dead and… Continue Reading →

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