Some discover their passions early, others late; the important thing is to find them, wherever they are.

Before discovering an enthralling passion for reading and writing fiction, Jason Herrington solely read non-fiction books he hoped would further his entrepreneurial ventures. Between living the first decade of his life in Saudi Arabia and traveling globally, living in ten different cities in Texas, Arizona, and California as an adult, Jason interacted with a wide variety of individuals. He realized many of the challenges of the human condition are a thread connecting us all.

His passion for writing emerged after writing hundreds of articles for a faith-based website and his self-help blog. His love for the strange, the supernatural, the dark, and the mysterious crept in the shadows of his mind. When he started reading fiction, it all came together.

Jason enjoys leisure time with his wife and three sons. The challenges of blended families and co-parenting and struggles of faith and coping with hardship play a big part in his writing. He often believes the scariest things in life are not the fantastic monsters of wild imaginations, but the most common obstacles we all face; the day to day challenges raising a family in a dangerous and complicated world.

Jason, his wife Jaclyn, and his sons, reside in Louisville, Colorado, with their dog Violet and Jason’s ever-growing collection of books. Jaclyn says he needs to stop buying books until he reads all he has, Jason, says NEVER!

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